Topcoat – Lightning-fast CSS Framework

Topcoat is an HTML5 mobile framework by Adobe for developing applications quickly and easily. It aims for a clean design and fast performance of the mobile web applications.

Topcoat is a brand new open source component library built entirely on web standards (CSS and HTML) and is available at It was designed to assist developers and designers in creating high-performance web and PhonGap applications. Topcoat has as number one priority performance. Every single part of the framework is benchmarked for performance optimizations. Topcoat also has a huge number of components which you can use to compose your application.

Topcoat also allow you to theme your application by modifying the CSS. The framework comes with a free icon font as well as its own font. Topcoat is also available via the cdnjs content distribution network.Topcoat uses BEM naming conventions, one of many popular CSS writing styles made to organize your code. This may be tough to learn if you want to expand Topcoat’s stylesheet, but it’ll clear up your coding process quite a bit.

Also with Topcoat you get full access to their PSD files if you want to edit or redesign any of the page’s components. Pretty cool! Everything from custom styles to custom icon sets comes packaged with Topcoat. It’s the cleanest frontend framework you’ll find with a clear focus on performance.

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