Human Augmentation Technology

The Next Technology is Human Augmentation Technology – to increase the human productivity

Human Augmentation refers to the increase in human productivity. It improves the human body or its mental capablities. The human Augmentation Technology goal is to improve the human experience in both cognitive and physical ways. Its not an easy cocncep, but technology advancement will improve it in various efficiency areas like human health, quality of life, and performance.

The advancements in modern technology have led to the development of human augmentation technology. It improves our ability to operate and perceive our surroundings.  Human Augmentation is the next big thing.

Human Augmentation Examples : 

  • Bionics and Prosthetics (artificial limbs)
  • Brain Computer Interfaces.
  • Neurotechnology (brain implants)
  • Nootropics (“mind” drugs)
  • Gene Editing (in our scheme, these would be “physical” and “direct”)

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