Debugging  tools  in PHP

Debugging is a process of removing bugs from the script to ascertain correct execution. Debugging is always a time consuming task, as during dry run you have to go at every line of code. To reduce the time spent in debugging, various tools have been developed. PHP debugging has never been an easy subject.
There are many tools available in current market for debugging :

  1. Firephp

    firePHP was to cover the gap which was left in the debugging field. It was felt by developers that there should be a tool which can debug Ajax requests and responses as well.

    FirePHP is an add-on which is the extension of Firebug. It provides an API with PHP web applications. FirePHP is a free resource which can be attained through Mozilla Firefox addons section

  2. Xdebug

    Xdebug is a PHP extension which facilities debugging and profiling.

    Xdebug offers function call logging, automatic slack traces and enhanced output and code coverage information. Xdebug is considered very adaptable and highly configurable.

  3. Netbeans

    Netbeans is a very useful tool for PHP development as well. Netbeans can be run on different compatible platforms like Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Solaris.

    NetBeans PHP editor is very useful as it facilitates developers in code generation. There are many benefits of using net beans.

  4. PHPstorm

    PHPStorm is another popular cross platform IDE for PHP. Its editor has PHP, HTML and javascript debugging options. It supports all major versions of PHP including PHP7.

    It is easy to configure debuggers like x debug and zend debugger to test local variables, arrays, complex objects. PHPUnit tests can be performed in it and can be executed from directory, class or file with code coverage. User can jump from execution stats to functions in PHP via PHPstorm.

  5. Whoops

    Whoops is a library which helps in development and maintenance of projects. Through this library, you can easily deal with errors. It is considered as a flexible, straightforward toolset which helps in dealing with errors

  6. Kint

    Kint is a very friendly tool which presents variable content in readable way.

    Kint is a very powerful PHP debugging tool. Kint is also an open source platform. It is a very well known debugger. It is said to be a zero setup replacement. It presents enough information like variable name and other tailored alternatives.

  7. Zend studio

    Zend Studio is based upon PHP development tools (PDT) plugin for Eclipse platform. It is a pre-integrated and tested application stack.

    It Connected with Zend Server with speed up detection analysis in Development

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